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Crystal-Infused Body Butter

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Natural crystal-infused wood butter for your skin, and your wood! What's good for your skin is good for your wood and whats good for your wood is good for your food :p AND... if it's crystals infused it's even better for them all!

Especially your skin ♥

This is an intense moisturizing crystal-infused healing cream, great for very dry skin and for your wooden food cutting boards. Made with only natural organic ingredients, its safe for your skin, wood and food! Get it now? :)

It has a calming, healing crystal inside, but you've gotta use it to find it! You can keep the crystal and re-use the glass bottle for anything your heart desires! Maybe keep the crystal in it :)

The little cloth supplied is to apply it to your wooden board with, you can reuse it over and over. It's 100% cotton, so you can compost it afterwards, you can also compost the tag and biodegradable bamboo string that's keeping it all together :)

After months of testing it on ourselves, we're finally certain that you'll love this brand new, no waste, moisturizing product we've created with so much love.

Ingredients: All organic- Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil and a small,magical stone ♥