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Smoky Quartz Dbl-Term. Collectors Specimen

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Double/ multiple terminated smoky quartz and aegirine crystal cluster.

This is an exceptional display piece.

It seems like the main smoky crystal broke off where it was growing, and then self healed itself by growing a new termination from the broken off end.

She stands at a angle on a smoky quartz base, with two other gorgeous crystals and an a-grade, perfectly terminated aegirine crystal.

Aegirine needles grew all over the one end of this perfect piece, it is so rare to see the aegirine crystals so fine that you can clearly see their gorgeous green.

The main crystal is in perfect condition with a beautiful diamond shaped window, the other end is filled with aegirine needles. One of the other smoky points has a needle in it as well and a unique sheen to its tip due to the growth against other minerals.

The fine details on this specimen is impeccable. 

Found in Zomba, Malawi. 

Size: 54.8 x 27 x 20.5 mm - Weight: 19.9 grams