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Smoky Quartz Crystal Masterpiece!

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Large smoky quartz crystal with the most vivid detail and features. Her tip is self and help healed :) Natural forces interrupted her growth, and cracked through her formation, literally breaking her. But then she continued growing again... into the perfect beauty she is now. The photos doesn't do her justice at all.

From her base where she broke off the matrix she's got a dozen or two smaller smoky quartz crystals that grew out her side and clustered perfectly up towards the top, turning into an explosion of aegerine and some more smoky. It is so rare to see the aegirine crystals so fine that you can experience their beautiful green. She's also got the brightest rainbow speck I've seen on a smoky quartz crystal! The colours are so intense it looks like opal!

This gorgeous natural masterpiece is so much more than you could ever ask for in a specimen from Zomba, Malawi. 

Part of our private collection. 

Size: 122 x 32 x 29 mm - 178.6g