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Crystal-Infused Honey Lip Balm

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Natural and healing, crystal-infused... Organic Honey Lip Balm!.

This is an intense moisturizing lip balm, made with only the best natural and organic ingredients we could find! It's amazing sweet taste is naturally from the honey, you can even see the little honey drops in the bottom of the pot! 

It has a calming, healing crystal hidden inside, doing it's magic :) But you're gonna have to use it to find it! You can re-use the glass bottle for anything your heart desires, and also compost the tag and /or re-use the biodegradable bamboo string that's keeping it all together :)

After finding the perfect consistency, and after months of testing it on ourselves, we're finally certain that you'll love this brand new, earth friendly, moisturizing lip balm we've created with so much love.

Ingredients: All organic- Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Vitamin-E Oils, Sweet Almond Oils... and a small,magical stone ♥