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Natural Baltic Amber Pendant 925 with 3 insect inclusions!

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Natural Baltic Amber with three insect inclusions!! Large visible horsehead mosquito inclusion with perfectly intact wings!

Imagine owning a piece of fossilized tree resin which has captured an insect that is 34 - 48 million years old!! Now you can :)

This authentic piece of jewelry has been imported, it has a certificate of authenticity as well as a photograph of the most prominent fossilized insect it contains. The certificate states that it has one inclusion, but I have identified and photographed three insects in there! Please take a look at the certificate, this isn't a local certificate, it has been bought with that certificate from a trusted dealer many years ago.

Hanging length: 46 mm

Amber size: +- 32 x 29.6 x 14 mm

Weight: 7 grams