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Lodolite Crystal

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Double terminated lodolite crystal.

Lodolite is also known as Lodelite, Inclusion Quartz and Garden Quartz.

It's clear quartz with either one, or a whole bunch of different mineral inclusions that creates a little landscape/ woodland/ ocean inside it. It's a little fairy world inside a crystal ♥

This beautiful crystal is polished, double terminated and has a little underwater river-like scene inside... that's what it looks like to me... I can't really explain it. But she's beautiful. She's got earthy pink and brown colors on the one end and she's clear on the other end. She's also got some glittery mica specks inbetween the brown and pink colors on the one end ♥

Size: 35 x 14.5 x 10 mm

Weight: 7.7 g