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2 Tourmaline Crystal Combo!

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Two spectacularly pretty tourmaline gems in one package! These crystals are rare, raw, natural, unaltered creations of mother earth.

One crystal is a double terminated verdelite (green tourmaline), the one end is perfect while the other end has some visible damage but has a pink line right at the end! 

The other crystal is a bi-color tourmaline, verdelite (green tourmaline) one end and indicolite (blue tourmaline) on the other end... this is a clean stone which can be cut into a large gem, or set into a pendant.

Alternatively, if you wish to not set it into jewelry, it can aid as powerful metaphysical tools by just wearing it with you or keeping it in your sacred space. A jewel for collectors, this is an all round package that can make anyone happy :)


Verdelite double terminated: 18 x 7.7 x 4 mm - 6ct

Verdelite/Indicolite bi-color: 13.5 x 6 x 5.2 m - 5.5ct

Combined weight: 11.5ct!!

Please note: Items have been photographed in a lightbox, to show you the inner details of these small crystals. Please do take note of sizes before placing your order. ♥