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Mystical Rocks Rewards Program - Terms & Conditions

Below will cover all you need to know about the Usage, Terms & Conditions regarding this program:

This is a loyalty rewards system that lets you accumulate mystical stones to trade in for a variety of discounts, free gifts and other perks in our store.


So, here’s how it works:

1 Mystical Rock = R1 (ZAR) in rewards ♥

(eg: 100 Mystical Rocks can be traded for an R100 Discount Voucher to use in our store)


We have multiple ways for you to collect this magical currency on our website and a multitude of ways to spend them as well.

You may accumulate as many points as you can during a 365 day period, we will be offering random opportunities throughout the year to do so. This means you’ll always have some kind of a discount or a surprise waiting for you with every order you place.

 Each reward you trade for will have a unique magical code which can be applied on checkout to add the discount/ gift/ advantage to your order. You can use this code yourself or you can give it as a gift to a friend. Anyone with, or without an account can use your magical discount code. Each code can only be used once, and each code will expire when it turns one year old.


Ways to earn:

Create an Account with our store

This would be the only compulsory action on this rewards system because you need to create an account with us so that we can give you a dashboard to manage all of your rocks and rewards.

This is a once-off needed action and just for joining, we’ll give you 20 Mystical Rocks to start off your collection.

Have a Birthday!

Every year we’ll give you a specific random amount of Mystical Rocks to make your special day just a bit more magical ♥

Just do remember to add your birthday in the required fields!

Refer a Friend

When a friend follows your link to our store and makes a purchase R100 or more (shipping excluded), we’ll award you 20 Mystical Rocks. That means for every friend that spends R100 (shipping charges excluded) you get an R20 discount on your next purchase*, so when 5 friends buy, you’re eligible for R100 off your next purchase!*

Visit our Facebook Page

We’ll award you 10 Mystical Rocks when you click on the link and visit our Facebook page. We can only award you these points when you visit through that specific link. This option will work once per account every few weeks, so do be sure to come back regularly and try!

Share our Website on Facebook

We’ll award you another 10 Mystical Rocks when you tell your friends about us! The system only awards these points when the homepage is shared through the link in your rewards dashboard.

Buy From Us!

There are 3 ways to earn by buying from us and they all work together and accumulate so fast it's just magical!


Get 1 Mystical Rock for every R10 Spent in store!

Get 60 Mystical Rocks when you spend R500 or more!

Get 350 Mystical Rocks when you spend R2000 or more!


This is how it gets calculated:

 If you spend R550 in our store (shipping costs excluded), you will be rewarded as follows:

 R10 spent        x          55        = 55     Mystical Rocks Earned

R500 spent      x          1           = 60     Mystical Rocks Earned

R550 spent                              =115    Mystical Rocks Earned

Please remember that you need an account to be able to collect, accumulate and manage your Mystical Rocks.


 Alright and now, the most important part…

 This is what you can trade your Mystical Rocks for….


Get a Mystery Gift added to your package….

Trade 20 Mystery Rocks to get a Mystery Gift added to your package ♥

This coupon is valid for any size order and does not ever expire!


Trade Mystical Rocks for discounts on your or a friend's next purchase…


10 Magical Rocks for an R10.00 discount

Valid for orders R100+.

20 Magical Rocks for an R20.00 discount

Valid for orders R200+

40 Magical Rocks for an R50.00 discount code

Valid for orders R400+

80 Magical Rocks for an R100.00 discount code

Valid for orders R1000+

160 Magical Rocks for an R200.00 discount code

Valid for orders R1200+



You can only use one magical discount code per purchase.

Each size coupon has a minimum order value in order to qualify for a purchase.

Minimum order amounts do not include shipping costs.


We reserve the right to make changes to these rules, terms & conditions without prior notification. If these changes affect you in any way, we will let you know.

We also reserve the right to stop this loyalty rewards system without prior notice. This is highly unlikely to happen, but if it does, your points balance will be refunded to you with a final magical discount code to use within one year of receiving.