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Calming Lavender Crystal Infused Soap

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Gentle enough for face and body ♥ Handmade soap with only natural, organic ingredients ♥

Okay, so if you love and relax by the scent of lavender... you'll love this soap! This one is ALL LAVENDER! This one will chill you the **crystal out!!!

Want to know what makes our handmade soaps even better?

Once you get to the end of your soaps life, you end up with a completely sanitized crystal, that's lasted forever so far, and will last you the rest of YOUR long and AMAZING LIFE ♥

Natural stones have a way of calming our senses in a unique manner that only mother nature can do... Make your cleansing and sanitizing experience more magical and more relaxed, because you are allowed to... especially now ♥

Stay safe everyone ♥

Ingredients: Lavender flowers ♥ Finely ground lavender ♥ Lavender essential oils ♥ Vitamin E oil ♥ Pure glycerin soap ♥ A small but magical stone ♥

P.S: Colors of our handmade soaps may vary due to the nature of natural ingredients ♥